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David McKay Vest

The Emergence is a book about a practical(although also fantastical) philosophy about rethinking the way we inhabit our world.  The author is David McKay Vest, a Life Master(formal title) of chess with multiple state championships of Georgia under his belt.  He maintains around a 2200 rating, and here is his USCF page.  Through the use of chess as a crucible for strengthening his mind, David has empowered his search for Truth.  His unique, adventurous take on life has led him  to fighting wildfires in the northwest and working as an aerospace mechanic on the space shuttle.  He has also worked as a shipfitter for the Navy and trained thoroughbred racehorses.  Purchase Dave’s book here.

Mark Burch

Mark is the webmaster at AirshipIdea.com and a video producer living in the Atlanta, GA area.   Mark is actually writing this now, and he is not sure whether or not he should refer to himself in the third person.  Screw it.  I’ve fiImed hundreds of weddings and business videos in the Atlanta area, preferring a documentary style with artistic shots and clean editing.  Here is one of my youtube pages with a lot of weddings.  I am a Truth seeker.  I like coffee.  A lot.  I play Starcraft 2, World of Tanks, and World of Warships in my spare time.  My best friend is a hound dog named Albus who loves to play fetch.  Fetch Albus.  He’s resting now.