Okay, so no doubt many of you are wondering something along the lines of “What the heck is this website all about?”  If that is the case for you then this page was well named and you are in the correct place!  All will be revealed!!  Or at least, I’m going to attempt to explain to you what emergence philosophy is by sharing with you the first chapter of The Emergence by McKay (with images added).  One sidenote:  When McKay mentions “flat earth” he IS NOT talking about the Earth ACTUALLY being flat.  He is speaking about PERSPECTIVE.  This chapter is called:

Medium Shifts

“Well, here we are, we’re on the flat earth. I guess we all treat the earth like it’s flat, because we just live on the surface of the planet, two-dimensional creatures at the bottom of the atmospheric ocean, really without too much awareness of the atmosphere above us, essentially just living our lives on a two-dimensional plane, back and forth, left and right, and that’s pretty much what we deal with. Every once in awhile we look up in the sky and we see an airplane, or you see some of those mysterious trails behind those airplanes that sometimes look suspiciously not incidental to their engines creating water vapor trails, but instead they seem like they’re designed to have something sprayed out of them.

People don’t even notice those, so you really are a two-dimensional species. It’s sort of sad.  I guess you could call yourselves the pedestrian crab people, living the life of the mundane on the surface of the planet, and really having no concept of how to evolve.

I know everybody always talks about spiritual evolution. That’s pretty well covered, so I won’t get into that. But the evolution of man, let’s look at it from the very beginning. By looking into the past we can understand, and perhaps identify, an evolutionary step for the future of the human species.

First though, let’s separate the sphere of the earth into four pieces, or what we call mediums. The first medium is the aquatic, which is all the oceans of the world. The solid surface medium is the one that we exist upon. The atmospheric medium blankets our entire planet. Finally, the near space medium is the one between the atmosphere and the moon.  The solid surface has contact with only two of those mediums. Which of those four mediums has contact with all the other three? Is it aquatic, solid surface, atmospheric, or near space?

Correct, the atmosphere is the one that is in contact with all three of the other mediums. So we would have to say that the atmosphere, being the only one that is in contact with all of the other three mediums, would be the primary medium, or as I like to say the medium maximus.  When the first proto-amphibian came out of the aquatic medium on to the solid surface medium that was a medium shift. That was a huge evolutionary jump.

And so now here we are looking into the past and saying what other kind of medium shifts can we have? That one was so profound that it led to we the humans somehow evolving and becoming the species that we are, which is a wonderful thing in a universe that otherwise looks barren, at least from our perspective right now.  We had this medium shift in the past, and now we can look toward the future and realize that the emergence from the aquatic medium to the solid surface medium was actually a minor shift because the aquatic and land mediums are only secondary mediums. What can we do now to have a solid surface medium shift to the atmospheric medium? Who could somehow make that medium shift? Would it be, perhaps, an evolutionary move intelligently thought out by a species?  Would that be more powerful than just the Darwinian genetic evolution medium shift that happened in the past? Would it be that much more profound because the species could identify that they could make the next evolutionary step by perhaps occupying and inhabiting the atmosphere to their advantage? Could it be that they would be inhabiting the world in a more multidimensional state with contact to the surface of the planet at every point, solid surface or aquatic medium?  Also, perhaps by floating to higher altitudes humans would be able to access space much more readily than we do today with our crude rocket borne payloads.


I think, human beings, you need to look at emerging off of the surface of the planet and rising into the atmosphere and building new great devices that can do a plethora of things for you that need doing.  Perhaps providing a 21st century infrastructure to the planet so that you can service the needs of people heretofore cutoff who can’t afford to build all these modern highways and use fossil fuels for driving. If we had an atmospheric infrastructure, i.e., using airships at a low altitude to haul goods to and fro, we could also provide emergency relief in disasters such as those that occurred in Haiti, Japan, New Orleans, Pakistan and many more. All of those places would have been much better relieved, taken out of their pain, and their anguish eased with some airship infrastructure that could have provided them with critical services when necessary.  A philosophy of emergence through atmospheric resource development, that is, your presence, in the atmosphere, occupying it, achieves emergent evolution: the evolution of actually emerging off of the surface of the planet to become a more multi-dimensional species.  It’s up to you, it’s all really very simple, this philosophy. We have the technology today to reinvent the airship in the 21st century and make it a wondrous device that frees us from the surface of the planet.

In truth, your freedom as an individual lies in the atmosphere, and you must be able at some point to outflank your government if you want to be a free man. The mere fact that no humans go up and have a presence in the atmosphere is quite telling on our lack of desire or vision to have a symbol of freedom.  I’m just stranded down here on the planet. I’m hoping that somewhere along the line I can finally get some humans to wake up and help me ascend into the atmosphere where I belong. I’ve been down here 57 years of my life and I’m ready to get back up there, relaxing and floating in the sky and looking down upon the emerald green planet to see it’s beauty. It’s blue from space, but I’ll be able to see the green above, or the blue of the water, because you’re everywhere when you’re in the atmosphere. You don’t have to be way up high in the stratosphere, either. Sure, you’ll have some outpost way up there. However, the troposphere, 10,000 feet and below, is a useful area to inhabit. One could be floating around, 5,000 feet high and be able to take some fantastic photographs and see everything beneath you because you have the above view, the superior view. Then, when somebody needs a helping hand, you could descend and administer aid. You don’t have to really worry about your zeppelin being like the Hindenburg that blows up. We’re not talking 1930’s technology anymore, we’re talking 21st century technology. You’d figure that mankind today could do a lot better job of building one.”
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